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Heightened Creativity

The Univ. Of Sydney found that creative problem solving was increased by 430% & Harvard found that creativity was heightened for 3 days after a flow experience.

Peak Performance

In Flow there is a 490% increase in skill acquisition according to Advanced Brain Monitoring & Darpa

Increased Productivity

McKinsey found that executives who regularly enter flow states have a 500% increase in productivity

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Meet Josh

Welcome to High Flow Lifestyle. I’m your flow coach Josh Smith, PhD. and I’m also an entrepreneur, podcast host, researcher, creative, and husband and father. I’m here to help you develop your most fulfilling, happy and High Flow Lifestyle through peak performance training. 

Consider this community as mindset training and motivation for making an important lifestyle and career transformation. This podcast aims to bring a High Flow Lifestyle to anyone who wants to think differently, find their true purpose and focus, and lead a more interesting life to their highest potential.  

It was during my Master's and Doctoral research in Cultural Sociology at Osaka University that I investigated identity formation and finding flow within cultural traditions and groups.  

 Living in Japan for 13 years has given me a balanced perspective in regards to Eastern thought and Western science. I blend my experiences with the martial arts, Eastern spirituality, the Shakuhachi bamboo flute etc. with science-backed approaches rooted in positive psychology, neuroscience, and sociology. 

Your peak performance training is built on my expertise in flow science in combination with my “Kokoro Framework” [an interconnected mind+body+spirit].  

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