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The first in the High Flow Lifestyle Series, The Business Owner's Guide to Work-Life Synergy. 

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Most Business Owners Struggle to Reach Next-level Success and Happiness in Their Personal and Professional Lives


  • They are led to believe work and life are 2 separate things 
  • They don't have a community to inspire and support them 
  • No one has given them a plan for scaling their business while prioritizing their lifestyle 
  • They don’t know how to access flow consistently 
  • No one is training them in leading a creative life 
  • They burn out trying to be everything for everyone 

The Results of

The Ultimate Personal Growth Solution


You can live life to the fullest and reach next-level success!

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Our on-demand video courses and flow state training help you live life to the fullest, perform at your best, gain clarity and grow your business. You also get access to a private flow community.


I have distilled down my techniques for a clear path forward, including ways to boost creativity and productivity, simplify and declutter your life, create a flow-prone environment, consistently access flow on-demand...  


Develop real relationships with like-minded people in the community, who foster flow for the long-term. The accountability and motivation in the community help you build grit for your optimal personal growth. 

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I help business owners who are a little stuck or aspiring to go to that next level of success in life, unlock their hidden human potential, so they can achieve their dreams faster.
When you enjoy your life and your business, things are just better in general. You begin to move through life with a bit more ease and effortlessness. It’s easier to deal with the stress and challenges that pop up unexpectedly. Work doesn’t feel like work, it’s more fun and you get more done. 
You deserve to enjoy your life, which your business is a part of, so we’re going to work on making that a reality for you. Work/Life Synergy is possible.
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You would benefit from these courses and the community if...

  • You identify as a business owner, a creative, an entrepreneur, a self-employed person, or small business leader and understand that we aren't built for routine and repetition. We're designed to crave exploration, experimentation, and learning and you desire a way to integrate that into your daily life.  
  • You’re tired of all of the self-help books and gurus that promise the moon... and deliver nothing but a small piece of the puzzle. 
  • You’re someone who values spending quality time with family and loved ones, but the chaotic pace of the 21st century keeps you in busy mode 24/7. 
  • You identify as a high-performer, a freelancer, or a side-hustler, but you know that you aren’t having the personal and professional optimal experiences you could be having.  
  • You’re a little unclear on your purpose or goals and want to bring more balance and flow into your life.

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Leading training courses & private community for business owners accessing flow and discovering next level success and happiness. 

In-depth, on-demand training courses and tools

Step-by-step roadmap from discovering, planning, building, developing, and sustaining a successful high flow lifestyle - That's growth and synergy between your personal and professional life. 


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The community support you need

You will get the support and accountability you need from our community to ensure your unique flow strategy and business growth achieve their full potential faster and consistently. 


Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Josh, your flow coach.

I’m also an entrepreneur, PhD, podcast host, researcher, creative, husband and father. I’m here to help you develop your most fulfilling, happy and High Flow Lifestyle through flow state and peak performance training. 

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“17 Ways Flow is the Ultimate Personal Growth Solution” 

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This FREE 5-day bootcamp is where I'll be helping you to lay the foundations for your most successful year as a self-employed business owner. 

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