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012: Interconnecting Experiences and Questioning Empathy and Flow w/ Gretchen Wiese

podcast Dec 13, 2020

On this episode of the High Flow Lifestyle we talk with Gretchen Wiese an actress, artist and fellow flow fanatic and go deep on topics like trauma and flow and explore empathy as a flow trigger  

Gretchen Wiese is not a neuroscientist, PhD, or any type of doctor, 

nor has she ever played one on TV. She is, though, an actress 

and artist obsessed with learning, human potential, 

expression, understanding, behavior & movement, 

and all things story where the places in the heart can 

connect, and heal. And laugh. So yeah, all things FLOW. 

She’s lived as an athlete, coach, teacher and student. She’ll 

forever live as a survivor of childhood abuse and trauma and is a 

hunter of healing - personal and universal, but sincerely 

hopes Lyme Disease, brain infections, concussions and 

seizures will one day be a thing of her (and everyone’s) 

ancient past. 

She’s currently working on a one woman show and book that 

 investigates the journey(s) from victim to survivor to full- 

blown-grown-up-human-champion and the ensuing adventures in adversity and humanity, healing, and flow. And, of course, 

the messy, sometimes vomit-y contours of stuff in between. You know, life. 



Dropping into other people’s experiences, or interconnecting experiences, and internalizing them. Empathy as a way of flow.  

Can we reach a flow state through empathizing with another person’s flow?  

The ritual can lead to the discovery. A ritual can then lead to something becoming instinctive.  

...Gretchen this was a great conversation and it really brought up an interesting research topic of empathy and flow. You seem to be able to drop into other people’s experiences and find healing flow. I had a great time and thank you for joining us today. 


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