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013: Surfing Your Way to the Flow State and Becoming an Ocean Guardian W/ Travis Bays

podcast Dec 22, 2020

Hey flow fanatics, on this episode of the High Flow Lifestyle podcast we go talk with Travis Bays about reaching the flow state through surfing, body surfing, and yoga, and becoming an ocean guardian in the process.  

Travis Bays is the co-founder of the award winning-B Corp Certified Bodhi Surf + Yoga camp located in Bahia BallenaOsa, Costa Rica. An avid surfer and ocean steward, Travis uses his passion for surfing to inspire, educate, and empower his students to be ocean guardians. He arrived to Costa Rica in 2005 as a Peace Corps Community Economic Development volunteer and continues to apply 10+ years of experience developing creative grassroots community development programs.

Travis holds degrees in economics and cultural anthropology from the University of San Diego and currently works as a part-time regional coordinator for the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment Osa & Golfito Initiative (INOGO) while also co-founding and co-directing the community-based SOMOS Foundation. He is a proud husband to Pilar - co-founder and yogi at Bodhi Surf + Yoga - and father of two lovely girls Maya Paz (9 yrs) and Clea James (5 yrs). 

Connecting and facilitating are some key superpowers of his.  

Travis is very committed to building a sustainable business.  

The idea is surrounded by surfing, yoga, nature emerging, and community engagement to facilitate a relationship with the ocean and a relationship with themselves.  

Bodhi – from Sanskrit translated as awakening, enlightenment, and consciousness.  

People are seeing how their actions and lifestyles may not be aligning with the lifestyle and appreciation for the earth that they want to have.  

Ocean Guardians 

Travis reaches the flow state when he is surfing, probably because of the risk involved. He also seems to be able to drop into interpersonal flow when he is communicating deeply with people.  

His wife is able to reach the flow state through concentrating on the breath during Yoga.  

He is going to analyze how deep or how long a surfing flow session affects his other business interests and connections with people.   

He had a relationship with the ocean from a very young age, although that relationship changed during different periods of his life. Eventually his relationship with the ocean became a spirituality and a medicine. 

Family can sometimes be flow blockers, and at other times they can be flow enhancers.  

They have recently pivoted to online sales as well, digging into how they can continue to offer value virtually.  

SOMOs organization 

He has developed a unique program of Body Surfing, where you are submerged in the water and much more connected to the ocean.  

Smile While You Paddle = making the struggle enjoyable 




West of Jesus: Surfing, Science, and the Origins of Belief by Steven Kotler



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