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016: Flow and Energy Management for Creatives w/ Anna Fitzgerald

podcast Jan 11, 2021


On this episode of the High Flow Lifestyle podcast I talk with Anna Fitzgerald about flow and energy management for creatives and we get a ton of valuable advice for creating a high flow lifestyle.  

Anna Fitzgerald is a lifestyle designer & coach for creatives specializing in Flow and Energy Management. She works with musicians, artists, & creative entrepreneurs. She holds a degree in Art Education & a master’s in Media Studies with a concentration in the history concert posters & music subcultures.  

She founded a music program at age 19 with two of her best friends in Tennessee that eventually became an arts & music nonprofit, (YEAH) Youth Empowerment through Arts & Humanities, This TN nonprofit serves youth ages 8-17 through summer camps both all girl, co-ed & transgender inclusive. 

 Her professional experience includes 17 yrs of volunteer & nonprofit management, music publishing, vinyl production, & administrative support. She plays the cello, writes songs when the muse strikes, and loves hiking in nature. 

Anna has a superpower of recognizing inefficiencies. Examining things some people might be avoiding or the roadblocks that are in the way. 

Imposter syndrome is a common fear people have that gets in the way of their success. 

She finds flow during a coaching session as well as playing music. Repetition helped guide her into flow when she was playing an instrument and focusing on each note.   

She learned the value of grit and discipline at an early age with her teacher. But she later found group flow when she played in the orchestra.  

She took the cello out of the symphony and began playing with rock bands, where it’s a completely different setting. The new environments were a challenge though because she was no longer in a controlled environment 

Improvisation was also a new flow experience.  

Her biggest flow blockers are cell phone notifications and a sensitivity to sounds.   

An underlying passion for learning and making connections with things out of context is facilitating her accessing of flow.  

Living near a state park as well as the Chesapeake Bay and the ocean is an inspiration as an original source. Nature and creativity.  

High flow people and peak performers need to build in that recovery process and listen to when you just need to get out into nature.  

Flow for Creatives coaching course – Often times we forget to take care of the body and when we need to take a break. Oppositely, we can also loose motivation for things.  

The corporate world became overwhelming and she ultimately came to a breaking point, for her health she readjusted her lifestyle and started paying attention to that voice inside that was telling her that that lifestyle wasn’t sustainable long-term.   

“Adopting a flow lifestyle does take discipline 

Even though we might take breaks throughout the day, our production in flow is so much higher.  

Organized - comes from the root word of “organ”, the instrument. “It has a meaning of individual parts working together in harmony.”  

“When you think about flow, that’s what you’re doing. Making sure your mind, your body, your nervous system are all working together in harmony, so that you have meaning and that you are also able to perform at a level that does feel good for your.” 



You can find more about her coaching & services at: or see her youtube channel: 

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