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021: Leading a Life of Flow By Developing a Passion From the Inside Out w/ Faust Ruggiero

podcast Feb 03, 2021

On this episode of the High Flow Lifestyle Show, I talk with Faust Ruggiero about how we can lead a Life of Flow By Developing a Passion From the Inside Out. 


Faust has been in private practice at the Community Psychological 

Center in Pennsylvania for over thirty years, specializing 

in individual, family, substance abuse, women’s issues, and marital/ 

couples counseling. During that time, he developed the Process Way 

of Life, and has used it with over 2,000 of his clients, helping them 

to realize and unleash the power they have inside themselves. 

The Process Way of Life has now been developed 

into a written version of the original counseling program, and 

is now an award-winning book entitled The Fix Yourself Handbook. 


Faust has a superpower of passion. Which leads to flow in his life.  

Getting strong on the inside gives you more control of the external stuff.  

Internal Language and Brain Control   -  cognitive behavioral therapy – can people change? 

Learning is simply repetition over time. The more we think negatively the more we ingrain that type of mindset. Retrain and reverse that, and think positively about yourself.  

If you’re positive, you develop positive energy.  

The Fix Yourself Handbook has a process for working from the inside out. 

Exercise is an entry point to accessing flow for Faust. It’s an interplay between physical, mental, and spiritual.  

Working from the inside out. He used intuition in adjusting his outlook on just being yourself. Concentrate on showing your own strengths and not get sucked into other people's issues.  

Everything we do in life follows processes. Identify what your strengths are and see how they benefit you and you can apply them to your life.  

The environment definitely plays a role in how we develop, but we shouldn’t let it define us. We have the power to control how we react and let our environment affect us.  

Intellect over emotion. You don’t need to ignore emotion but take a moment to pause, think about the situation and gather fasts, then devise a plan for moving forward.  


Faust Ruggiero 
Award-Winning Author:

The Fix Yourself Handbook: Using the Process Way of Life to Transform Your Life into a Happy, Healthy Journey 


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