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023: 2 Skillsets to Elevate Your Business with Fun and Flow w/ Haley Hoover

podcast Feb 16, 2021

On this episode of High Flow Lifestyle, we talk with Haley Hoover about 2 Skillsets to Elevate Your Business with Fun and Flow and she gives us some techniques for beginning to develop our intuition.  

"Haley Hoover is a Success Coach + Intuitive Artist who helps female entrepreneurs elevate their business with fun, fulfillment and flow.  An Amazon #1 New Release Author, her expertise is in Intuition, Success Mindset and Visionary Thinking in Business. 

She has been featured in PositivelyPositive, Thrive Global, Thought Catalogue, and Hypnozine among others.  

When she’s not sitting behind her psychedelic-colored laptop, she can be found wandering through nature with her boyfriend in northern California where they reside. 

 Everyone has a superpower of intuition. We just need to develop it. 

Painting is a form of accessing flow for Haley, and she tries to bring that flow into business as well.  

She is a Success Coach + Intuitive Artist who helps online entrepreneurs elevate their business with fun, fulfillment, and flow. (Hence the expertise in intuition and creativity.) 

When she recognizes she is forcing things, she has to take a step back and do something distracting to get outside of her own head.  

She is a success coach and intuitive artist. She uses her art in her business as well, helping her clients build a presence. When looking at art you can get out of your head and focus on the present.  

Many famous entrepreneurs have said that intuition is their greatest skill. It is something that we all can develop.  

We also know that highly successful entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Oprah, and Steve Jobs, highly relied on these two qualities to achieve the level of success that they enjoy today. 

Many people think creativity and intuition are something the fortunate few are born with, and if you weren’t one of them, you’re screwed.  Fortunately, we now know through neuroscientific research on the brain, that both of these skills are learnable and able to be increased.   

Insight is something you can’t force. You can try to build a supportive environment for it where the percentage is higher, but nothing is guaranteed 

Going to the mountains out in nature on the weekends are her great nature getaways and times to refresh.  

Visual Clarity Sessions – she works with clients where she paints a picture based on a problem of the direction they should go in, and their intuition guides them to clarity.  

  • How do we know when to trust our intuition? 

Start by leaning into yourself and say something to yourself something simple like, “My name is XX(your name).” Think about how you are feeling and what your body feels like when you give it a truth. This is your guiding feeling.  

Now do the same with a wrong name. You will feel differently knowing when something is wrong. This is the beginning of learning to trust your intuition.  

Social media is all about boundaries.  

The secret to flow is having fun. If you can have fun and not force, then you are on the right path. You have to take a step back and ask yourself if you having fun at this. If not, then a change needs to be made.  

Haley Hoover // The Sparkling Hippie   

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