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026: Developing A High Flow Lifestyle Mindset of Action First

podcast Mar 09, 2021

On this episode of the High Flow Lifestyle Podcast we are going to talk about how to develop a high flow lifestyle mindset of taking action first and letting action and exploration be your guiding light.  

We need to reprogram our brain for action. A key aspect of flow is movement and action. It’s an essential part of accessing flow. 

We are horrible at predicting whether we are going to be good at something. Similarly, we often enjoy the things we are good at, but if we don’t try new things then we will never get to find out all of the different things in life that excite us or inspire us.  

The science behind mindset training actually says that we usually have things backwards. You need to do something first, in order to find out your feelings around that thing.  

Action produces feelings, feelings don’t produce action. 

Sometimes this may have something to do with your comfort zone and not wanting to stretch those lines. But other times it’s just out of habit that we quickly scan an activity, base a preconceived notion on our past experiences, whether they actually relate to it or not, and make an assumption about how we will feel toward doing that activity.  

We need to take that step first and then evaluate the feelings surrounding it.  

This could be anything from starting a new side hustle to finding that new flow activity. A lot of my time in my performing arts high school in Buffalo was spent this way, with teachers introducing us to various genres of art. Not that we were all meant to master everything from photography, to sculpture, to charcoal and pastels, but without actually trying those different things we just didn’t know what spoke to us or what we could connect with and ultimately express ourselves through. We were all searching for that outlet of self-expression and we needed that push to take the action of trying.  

Don’t let feelings hold you back from exploring, taking action, and trying new things. You don’t need to feel like doing something in order to act. You need to take those first steps regardless of your feelings and reflect on your experience afterwards. We’re not psychics and we are horrible at predicting the future, so stop guessing on your feelings. Stop limiting all of the opportunities out there in front of you and remember that action produces feelings, feelings don’t produce action.  

Taking action first is part of developing a High Flow Lifestyle. Flow is so connected to motion and action and it leads to a life of achievement and success, happiness and well-being, and overall positivity for you and others around you.  

Don’t confuse flow for feathers though. You want balance and flow in your life, and this is active energy. Feathers on the other hand, fall to the ground and get blown around based on outside forces like wind and rain, don’t let your feelings and outside forces determine where you go in life and what actions you take.  

If you’d like to continue this discussion around action and feelings and learn more about developing a high flow lifestyle then join me over in the membership at High Flow Lifestyle. The community would love to hear your thoughts and support you in taking that action first step. 

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