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030: 5 Ways Flow is the Ultimate Personal Growth Solution

podcast Mar 25, 2021

Hey there, Josh here from High Flow Lifestyle and today I’ve got “5 Ways Flow is the Ultimate Personal Growth Solution”  

I have seen so many self-help books and gurus promise the moon, and deliver nothing but a small piece of the puzzle.  

  • Sometimes they work, but they don’t last. You need something that is consistent and sustainable. 
  • Or perhaps they don’t even work for you, no matter how hard you follow the detailed routine or practices. 
  • Or maybe you realized that there are many programs that focus on a specific area, like productivity for example, but you know you need a little improvement in several areas.  

What I’ve realized is that other programs focus on building a particular skill or technique, like time-management or productivity, but what you really need is an ultimate personal growth solution.  

Normally there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but in this case, there is because we go deeper than surface techniques and focus on developing the underlying state of being. But how we get there and keep it year after year is unique to you, and this is what I help you discover in the High Flow Lifestyle Membership.  


To get into it, here are 5 Ways Flow is the Ultimate Personal Growth Solution:  

  1. Training the state, not the skill: the objective of the High Flow Lifestyle program is to train the underlying state of flow, which affects everything you do, as opposed to a few separate skills here and there. Why waste your time focusing on building just one skill, like productivity, when you can learn to build flow regularly and let flow affect a number of skills and areas in your life.  
  2. Greater happiness: Research also shows that flow states are linked to increased levels of happiness, satisfaction, and self-actualization. Martin Seligman and Steve Achor have been pioneers in the positive psychology world promoting happiness. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has had a huge influence on connecting flow experiences to happiness. 
  3. Better emotional intelligence: With increased flow, people also experience more growth with emotional intelligence and emotional complexity. This can help people develop skills that allow them to regulate their emotions more effectively, as well as understand other people’s emotions. I believe these are also part of the necessary 21st-century skills of the future, and flow can boost these.  
  4. Increased productivity: McKinsey found that executives who regularly enter flow states have a 500% increase in productivity.  
  5. Improved performanceResearchers have found that one of the major benefits of Flow is that it can enhance human performance in every domain of human work and creativity. With Flow you get better results, faster. 

So today we focused on just “5 Ways Flow is the Ultimate Personal Growth Solution,” but actually I have 17 of these for you that you can download as a free guide.  

At High Flow Lifestyle, we’re talking about a simple self-transforming concept that infuses you with the self-discipline to sustainably transform your personal and professional life for the better.  

After over 20 years of research starting from studying at The International Center for Studies in Creativity in Buffalo, NY, to getting my Master’s and PhD at Osaka University, then to becoming a flow state and peak performance coach, I’ve discovered that an “Ultimate Personal Growth Solution” does exist.  

With its science-backed research, the benefits reach far beyond traditional ideas of self-help and bring us to a place of optimal human performance and experience, next-level success, creativity, and overall happiness and well-being. 

Go ahead and download your free guide to the “17 Ways Flow is the Ultimate Personal Growth Solution” 

If this seems like a great fit for you then I’d like to also invite you into the community at the High Flow Lifestyle Membership where you have access to a growing number of video training courses, an intimate supportive community where you can ask questions and get feedback, as well as live peer group coaching and an optional 1-on-1-coaching program. 

But for now, feel free to grab that free download below to see all of the different ways that learning to access the flow state can bring you balance, success and happiness.  

Download “17 Ways Flow is the Ultimate Personal Growth Solution”



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