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033: What is Your Business Consistency and Creativity Ratio?

podcast Apr 19, 2021

On this episode of High Flow Lifestyle, we are talking about the balance of consistency and creativity that entrepreneurs have.  

I was thinking the other day about the balance of consistency and creativity that entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners must have. I’m not saying it needs to be an even balance or that there is even a correct ratio, just that as business owners we probably tend to lean to one side or another. But flow can be found on either side you lean toward. 

Take my wife Satomi for example, she is the executive chef at our 3 restaurants and she probably has a 80 percent consistency to 20% creativity balance. She often says she’s not creative, but I see her as extremely creative when she is in her flow.  

Our restaurants revolve around Japanese cuisine and in Japanese culture the idea of craftsmanship is very important. Attention to detail in something like making ramen for example, is extremely important. Maintaining consistency is in itself an artform. That is, after you have created, tweaked, and improved your product and brought it to market. And truth be told there really is no finish line for a recipe, it is a living, breathing thing.   

She experiences flow in a variety of ways, when she’s working on a new recipe, when she is doing routine prep work, as well as on the line in the kitchen, effortlessly moving through the stresses and challenges that pop up during a dinner service. The light distracting prep work also provides time for idea incubation that will later become solidified creative ideas and the groundwork for insights. Her challenges and skills are aligned and always growing just a little bit, providing the perfect conditions to access flow. 

I on the other hand probably fall somewhere on the polar opposite spectrum of being 80% creative and 20% consistent. I love immersing myself in research around developing a new idea, new concept, new business plan, or some extension of our current businesses.  

That’s why I think we flow so well together, not that we always see eye to eye, but that we balance each other out. Because we have embarked on this journey of self-employment, we both embrace the infinite challenges, the little moments of purpose, and the high ceiling of opportunity for improvement that comes along with it. Being your own boss invites growth. If we want to stay in flow, then we roll with the punches, learn new skills and progress, and raise our threshold of complexity. As our responsibility grows, so does our ability to experience increasing flow.  

With variety and new challenges always popping up when you own your own business, we are constantly moving and growing, which by default fights off stagnation. Because when we are stagnant, we are dead in the water.   

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