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038: 3 Main Reasons Why Having Big Goals Are Actually Hurting You

podcast May 31, 2021


I’m your host and flow state coach Dr. Josh Smith and welcome to the High Flow Lifestyle show, where I take a unique approach to personal growth for entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners. These quick little shots will help you consistently lead a high flow lifestyle and live life to the fullest.  

You probably don’t question it, because it’s everywhere, but does it really pay off to focus on a big goal? And are you a lost soul if you don’t have some massively transformative purpose in life? 

I’ve been working on my book for a little while now about work-life synergy and flow as the ultimate personal growth solution. In there, one of the major myths I dispel revolves around all of the media's push for us to have these earth-changing dreams and a purpose that transforms everyone’s life.   

Well, that’s not how my life has unfolded. I consider myself a successful entrepreneur and businessman and I enjoy exploring and taking each moment for what it is. I lead a balanced lifestyle with plenty of room for work and play. I’ve found that when I’m too focused on achieving some aspirational business goal, I miss out on playtime, which is creative time.  

As business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs we are by definition creating our own paths in life. You need to embrace that freedom to explore different paths, go off the beaten path, and even aimlessly wander through the woods sometimes. Even when you are wandering without a goal, you are always somewhere. It’s what you may discover along the way or stumble upon that couldn’t have been found without allowing yourself to explore your curiosities.  

If you’re like me, which I’ve come to find that many people are, then you’ve been inundated with that message of the power of having a goal. Simply put, goals and big dreams sell well. It’s a positive-sounding message that most people don’t question.  

After this short break we’ll get into those 3 problems with having big goals.  


The 3 major problems I’ve found with goals are: 

1) The end is finite. Once you reach your goal, then what? Many people aren’t satisfied with the thing once they get it and aren’t ready to just be content with it. 

2) It prevents many people from starting. With information always at our fingertips nowadays, analysis paralysis can easily take over and leave us stuck on where the best place to start is, and we never take that first real step in any direction.  

3) It emphasizes the end and doesn’t prioritize the journey to get there, the process, the little moments along the way. You’ve heard the sayings ‘by any means necessary’ and ‘winning at all costs,’ well that mentality usually ends up hurting those around us.  

Instead, what if we begin to think of a goal as a 4-letter word? Yeah, I said it. What if I could show you a smoother way of navigating your personal and professional life to the fullest? 

Well, that’s the essence of the High Flow Lifestyle series I’m working on, and the first book is going to focus work-life synergy. Not work/life balance, because we’ve all tried that before and here we are still talking about the allusive topic. But designing a synergistic life where our business and personal life intertwine, feed off of each other, and promote each other’s growth.   

So instead of focusing on the finish line and keeping yourself in the rat race, why don’t you stop and smell the roses? You might just realize that you are standing in a beautiful garden and you have everything you need already surrounding you, or maybe that winding path through the woods, where you can’t even see a finish line, might be the most interesting and fulfilling path to take.  

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