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055: Which Nootropics are Best for Focus and Flow?

podcast Jun 24, 2021

I get asked a lot about which nootropics work the best. Here are my thoughts on the whole trending issue.  

If you’re not familiar with the subject, nootropics claim to have benefits of enhanced productivity and concentration. They claim to boost your overall cognitive functions. Basically, what they call “smart drugs.”  

Do I wish I was smarter, who doesn’t? Do I wish my memory was ultra-sharp? Of course. Do I want a magic pill that could boost my brain functions? You bet, but unfortunately, they just don’t exist yet.  

What people are searching for with these kinds of drugs is that elusive “flow state,” when we are totally focused in the moment, time stands still, and we don’t allow the little distractions to shake us.  

As much as I want to be Limitless like Bradley Cooper, pop a pill and watch my capabilities and potential skyrocket, we’re just not there yet with the science. Modafinil, which Limitless was most likely based on, is like other nootropics that have very questionable benefits.  

At this point in time, you can consider these so-called cognitive boosters as being in the same realm as weight loss products. They aren’t regulated by the FDA so who knows what’s really in there. There are no over-the-counter drugs that are proven to boost you higher than your natural baseline. Even the herbal nootropics rely on things like ginseng and ginkgo Biloba, which I really want to believe help because I love the idea of ancient medicine and eastern medicine as being a safer more natural way, but unfortunately, they just don’t hold up to repeatable clinical trials.  

If you have a diagnosed issue like narcolepsy then there are drugs that can help you sleep better, or at least regulate it. But the best way to boost those cognitive functions is to go through everything I cover in the core training for leading a High Flow Lifestyle. In my training course, I focus on all of the surrounding issues of getting the right amount of sleep, getting the right amount of exercise, and filling your life with exciting and stimulating activities.  

When you create a flow-prone environment, a piece to that puzzle is also developing release and recovery activities. This helps you get a better sleep which helps you get up the next day and have the focus and concentration you need to flow again.  

So at the moment, until the science says otherwise, there is no nootropic miracle pill. Advertisers will still tempt you with their so-called studies, and I know you want to believe it, I do too, but for the time being, we should be more concerned with building our flow-prone environments.

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