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058: How a Few Entrepreneurs and Creatives are Thriving and Flowing

podcast Jul 14, 2021

Recently Philadelphia creatives and entrepreneurs shared some of their rituals and secrets for finding flow and thriving today.  

31-year-old JORDYN AMOROSO is the CEO of the Philly-based medical shoe company called CLOVE. 

“I’m in a flow state,” said Amoroso, adding that she’s particularly influenced by the Pixar movie Soul. “I’m thriving when time passes by and it doesn’t feel like I’m working. I’m excited to wake up every day and I’m contributing to something larger than myself.” 

How does she get there: “Walking my dog every day. Remembering that it’s OK not to want to or need to chase the next thing.” 

She finds flow in her work because she feels like her ideas, opinions and contributions are being recognized and appreciated. That immediate feedback is the flow trigger she needs to wake up excited in the morning. She also mentioned something very interesting about Ikigai, or the reason for being. While walking the dog she is able to be very present in the moment, and also accept the present situation. As entrepreneurs it’s very easy for us to get caught up in chasing the next big thing. It’s definitely a balancing act between being satisfied with the present and also having that hunger to reach the next level.  

As I’ve said many times before, I’m a big proponent of developing Ikigai principles rather than setting big goals. Instead of focusing on the outcome, focus on appreciating and progressing in the moment.  

Another entrepreneur, 60 year old VASHTI DUBOIS, FOUNDER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE COLORED GIRLS MUSEUM, said that thriving to him means:  

“Having a deep appreciation and understanding that I’m still here. Every day I wake up and I have this body and I have this time to myself, not being frenetic, being centered and settled even when I don’t know what is happening.” 

How did he get there: “Listening to my gut. Following my intuition.” 

Vashti brings up an important point about needing to remain centered when we are all living in a chaotic world. Things are changing so often that we are all living in a VUCA world, that’s the new world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.  

Listening to your gut and your intuition will be the guiding principles that get you through the rollercoaster times. I have a chapter in my new book High Flow Lifestyle: A Business Owner’s Guide to Work-Life Synergy, about how entrepreneurs can learn to embrace VUCA and use it toward accessing flow. 

It’s great hearing stories of some of these entrepreneurs from all walks of life leading a high flow lifestyle.  If you’d like to thrive and get a little more flow in your personal and professional life, I encourage you to check out what’s going on at 

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