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059: Designing a Life That Enables You and Your Business to Flourish

podcast Jul 16, 2021

The dictionary defines flourishing as “developing rapidly and successfully; thriving.” It’s a little broad but positive psychology pioneer Martin Seligman describes it this way: “To flourish is to find fulfillment in our lives, accomplishing meaningful and worthwhile tasks, and connecting with others at a deeper level—in essence, living the “good life.” 

Entrepreneurs and business owners all have the ability to structure their day so that they can live the “good life.”  


“Thriving isn’t being governed by a 9-to-5. I’m a mom of a 19-year-old and an 11-year-old, and I really realized how important time with my family was. I still wanted to get up in the morning and do something, but I didn’t want to be in the office governed by a schedule and miss the important things that were going on at home. I wanted to make my choices with my schedule. [I’m] working on that.” 

How she gets there: “Getting up before everyone in my household gets up and having my quiet time. 

Part of being able to lead a high flow lifestyle is about being able to control your time, so you don’t miss out on those important events in life that memories are built on. In my new book High Flow Lifestyle: A Business Owner’s Guide to Work-Life Synergy I go over how to structure your day for optimal living, where you are able to succeed in both your personal and professional life.  

As business owner’s we also need to understand that there really is no black and white dividing line between the two either. When you have the right flow habits, that’s everything from proper sleep to gratitude journals, you can access flow regularly, without it it leads to stress and burnout.  

Another entrepreneur, JAKE WADE is a 49-year-old DIRECTOR OF SALES AT FEARLESS RESTAURANTS, and he says that: 

“Thriving is success and success is winning. And winning means having an amazing life: being the best husband, being the best father, being present with my family. And beating the obstacles. The pandemic was an obstacle. But we made it through. Wow. We lived through it.” 

How did he get there: “Suffering as much as I can. How do I do that? I mean I do these crazy workouts. I race my bike. I train hard. I think learning how to suffer makes things a lot easier. Training is my form of self-care. It gives me clarity.” 

I like how Jake is adding variety to his flow activities. He acknowledges and embraces the suffering side of training. Putting yourself in a difficult training situation can push you further outside of your comfort zone and also prepare you for real-world suffering.  

Flow is about having an amazing life and flourishing. That’s about being the best that you can be and appreciating the people who surround you in life.  

Are you deeply engaging in life to where you are accessing flow regularly?  

Are you at a place where you consider yourself flourishing? If not now, when? 



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