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014: Embracing Risk Taking for Expanding Our Creativity w/ Firdaus Kharas

podcast Jan 04, 2021

On this episode of the High Flow Lifestyle we talk with master global communicator and creator FIRDAUS KHARAS about where our creativity comes from, harnessing the flow trigger of risk, and what we should do with that creativity once we have uncovered it.  

Hailed as the “modern equivalent of Dr. Seuss,” Firdaus Kharas is a master global communicator and humanitarian who has influenced hundreds of millions of people’s lives for the better. Desmond Tutu calls his creative work, which has been viewed by more than a billion people worldwide, “outstanding” and “powerful.”

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, he was named one of the world’s “50 Most Talented Social Innovators” and has received more than 110 awards, including the prestigious Peabody Award. 

Firdaus’s superpower is his creativity, but this is a superpower that he shares with everyone. Unfortunately, we lose that creativity along the way many times.  

The educational system with standardized testing reduces our creativities.  

We also reduce becoming risk takers. But you must have the ability to take risk and fail in order to be a creative thinker. Risk taking is something we need to expand our creativity.  

If you’re an entrepreneur you are a risk taker. For example, Apple is a highly creative company that still takes managed risk. 

Creativity is the ability to have original thoughts in your mind that leads to the creation of new ideas. Creativity is a mental process and not something tangible.  

Something can’t be creative, but it can be the result of some creative ideas. You can have creative thoughts without actually implementing them, but it won’t do you any good.  

For the last 5 years, CEO’s have put creativity as the #1 skill to have. 

Although creativity is a skill, it is also a state.  

Some of our most creative times are in the shower. Daydreaming is an active creative practice. Take a different route on your walk.  

The world advances when we apply creativity.  

Often the first idea is not the final solution. You need to tweak it, get feedback on it, change it, and find a new solutions continuously.  

You start with believing/accepting you are a creative thinker.


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Creativity: The Key to a Remarkable Life by FIRDAUS KHARAS 


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