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019: Flow for Business Idea Generation and Productivity w/ JD Speaker

podcast Jan 26, 2021

On this episode of the High Flow Lifestyle podcast we get entrepreneurial flow advice for business idea generation strategies and productivity from JD Speaker from his international entrepreneurial endeavors and his world record setting adventures.   

A chance speaker to high-school students changed JD’s life forever. He decided to defer University to live in Japan for a year as a YFU exchange student. From that amazing cross-culture clash experience, he became a local TV celebrity in Japan, trained in table-tennis for the Olympics at Waseda University, became the first non-Japanese to graduate from the World’s only Donut University, and was recognized by the Guinness book of World records in a unique feat.  

JD went on to establish multiple food franchise chains to a national #1 and a few successful tech startups as well. He set longstanding athletic records in race-walking, is an author of “Your Time, Your Life”, a judge at startup conferences, a trilingual TV talent, and an inspirational youth speaker. 

JD is a serial entrepreneur, author of 2 books, youth entrepreneur coach, sportsman, and was a TV personality "gai-tare" in Japan. 

He speaks fluent Japanese having lived in Tokyo since high-school, is a serial entrepreneur, internet visionary, & now helping youth entrepreneurs kickstart their business.  

He trained table-tennis for the Olympics at Waseda Uni, & climbed Mt.Fuji backwards & down barefoot in a rare Guinness Book of Records attempt. 

It starts with a love of learning.  

Ideas come from sitting around in the jacuzzi, out playing sports, lying in bed on a Saturday morning

1-page business/idea plan 

Saving time in little places to be more productive 

Jacuzzi, after a 1/2hour run, wrote his book in 3 days 

We feel guilty when we are doing things we like doing. Don’t, that’s when our best ideas come to us.  

Think about what you’d do when you don’t have to do anything. Then do that thing.  

Protecting your time and allow things to incubate. It’s like baking bread, get all your stuff together n the beginning and then let it sit overnight. It doesn’t matter if the outcome is great or not, at least you have fleshed it out and got it out of the way. The next time it could come even faster.  

Drop my thoughts and ideas in my Notes section in the cell phone.  



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Hey everyone on this episode of the high Flow Lifestyle podcast we get entrepreneurial flow advice for business idea, generation strategies and productivity from JD Speaker from his international entrepreneurial endeavors and his world record setting adventures. 


I'm your host doctor Josh Smith and welcome to the high Flow Lifestyle podcast. It's my privilege to be your peak performance and flow coach with this episode. Each week you'll hear mind blowing interviews as well as actionable tips and strategies for accessing flow for. 


Optimal human performance. Heightening creativity, intuition and productivity, and most importantly, living a healthier and happier life. Now let's dive into your next dose of practical flow training. A chance speaker to high school students changed his life forever. He decided to defer University to live in Japan for a year. 


As a YFU exchange student from that amazing cross cultural clash experience. He became a local TV celebrity in Japan trained in table tennis for the Olympics at Waseda University, became the first non Japanese to graduate from the world's only Donut University. 


And was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for a unique feat. JD went on to establish multiple food franchise chains to a national number one and a few successful tech startups as well. He said longstanding athletic records in racewalking is an author of your time, your life, a judge at startup conferences. 


A trilingual TV talent and an inspirational youth speaker. 


Tell us a little bit about what the startup is. 


Nigh intensive language learning app for the Japanese market initially and then we expand throughout Asia and then global. Yeah, the main three stages, So what it allows you do basically cocky is your personal tutor and he thanks to AI is there is most everything about you. 


It's imagine you have a personal trainer. You go to the gym, except that's a human being. He can't know everything about you. He's not with you every second of the day. Where is an AI? Chitra knows everything about you, so he can best advise you. Best waste, learn best phrases to learn and so on. So that's what we developed. And now because of coronavirus sort of. 


On hold for a while. 


Because of the investment market, but soon we're gonna be raising another round of investment for that. 


Wow, it seems very intuitive and and like a personal approach. 


Definitely yeah. I mean, look at the whole world is gone, customized. It's all gonna want to selfies. It's all 111, right? 


Now, right so? 


Yes, you've you've. 


Gotta leave rich. What's available out there and. 


I I was the talk of the town, I don't like them. 


Password AI it really is artificial intelligence and obviously that will grow overtime. We're still in the early days of AI right now. 


So I mean this, and that's just the beginning with the language learning because you could start with language learning. From that. I love learning. That's my life. I love learning. So start with languages. I speak a number of languages myself, but then you can expand that to anything at all. So if you want to learn business, you want to learn physics. You want to learn anything at all that you. 


Wish football, whatever it is. 


Eventually our app in the long term. 


Will allow you to do that. 


In a much faster, more effective way, wow. 


Yeah, that's the long term vision, yeah? 


But you gotta start with something. 


Small and right now it's learning English for Japanese. Yeah, yeah, and that's with any business you wanna focus on. One thing, do that really well and then slowly expand. 


Yeah, so you started with the proof of concept and and little by little we're growing. 


Yeah yeah, yeah. 


Proof of concept. We developed the app. It's a prototype and MVP. Put it out in the market, got great feedback, was absolutely fantastic and then bang I was meant to be in Japan last 25 for the grand launch. Yeah, you know, more feedback test solution so I've. 


And bang that stopped like. 


3 three days before I was going to fly out. 


It was all cancelled, couldn't fly in the hotels, nothing. So yeah, and I haven't been back since. So coronavirus Yep. 


You've had a lot of entrepreneurial journeys and ventures an I'm wondering, you seem like you've also built a large network of of people that you know. Maybe you can have a little help from the outside. 


I, I think, pretty much. 


All of my business is with Bootstrap. 


I always start from scratch. That's from an idea in your head. 


And then idea comes around when you're sitting in the Jacuzzi enjoying a drink out, playing sport, lying in bed on a Saturday morning, you know from unknown places and that idea then becomes a one page plan. I immediately put into something concrete and alright, I I'm pretty big on one page that I like blank. 


Pieces of paper. Lonely people hate them. I go in bank I make sure everything all the key elements of their business to be are gonna be compacted in one page and then I'll sit on it or sleep on it. 


And then I'll expand it into multi pages and then it becomes, you know, you know a business eventually so. 


Yes, the Toys Bootstrap, but then at. 


The right point in time. 


You have to go out and get. 


The investment right external investment bio PM your every company has opium other people's money. Steve Jobs as investment in Toyota has investment small companies, large companies, medium companies we all have. 


Investment of some kind, right? It's growth money. 


It's the same without tech startups. You have friends and family investment. Then you go through Angel investment, BC investment and even with VC investment you go through Series A, series B and so on. Right? Facebook is has got major investors right? We all need oh PM but you have to start. You have to prove it somehow to the investors first yourself, right? 


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Weekly in your inbox and get new strategies on how to access flow. Be more creative and productive. Reach a peak performance and most of all, live a happier and healthy life. Now back to the show. 


So changing the. 


Theme a little bit. You seem like you lead a high flow lifestyle. Is there an activity you find yourself in in flow, like when you're completely immersed in the experience and time? Just stand still. 




Um, yeah, it's it's really. 


You can't force it it. It's you can help it happen, but you can't force it happen, and it doesn't happen every day, obviously, right? So you've got to have a number of conditions, right? It's like cooking. 


You know the perfect dinner, perfect meal, you're gonna have all the conditions right? For it to actually, you know be baked just right so. 


For example, I. 


Love being in the Jacuzzi. I give the Jacuzzi. 


Oh man, so many ideas come flowing out. 


Why I've got them, I can't have the. 


Mobile inside because it's wet right? It could drop in this crazy and you know my there goes my data. 


So it's away from me and my mind is working. But then when I had these ideas after we tried to get the mobile dry my hand type it in and then get, you know, give my. 


Head back in again. 


Right, so that's just one area. 


Where I have, uh, a lot of this flow, you know emotions happening. 


Um, another time is after. 


I go for a run. 


For go for 1/2 hour and 10 minutes. Won't do it but half hour and come back all the endorphins go running through your body. It's not immediate. It's like you know it could be 15 minutes later. Could be an hour later and then bang. You know, sometimes you come up with a great idea even while you are running right, it can happen. 


I wrote this book that you mentioned before your time your life I wrote. 


That in three days. 


Wow, and that was sort of half a bit because my friends were saying now you're gonna take yes write this book. 


OK, no wait, I'll do this, you know. 


In in three days. 


I'm out there. 


And I had to block out everything if I had to get in the flow. If I wasn't in the flow, it wouldn't have happened. It would have gone on. 


To four days, five days, maybe a week or so on. 


Right, I started on a Friday morning. I cut out everything in my life, everything, everybody, I was nonexistent. Just everybody forgive me. 


Right and I was totally immersed in that. 


And from idea to I start flushing out the skeleton, flushed out the chapter you know one by one, and then the the last day. The third day I was going through rereading it, editing it and so on. So from start to finish it was done in three days only because I was in the flow, right? And we can get the flow for any. 


Mary in our life. This was for a book. 


Business when I come up with ideas for for. 


My business that our business. 


I'm in the Jacuzzi or running or. 


Some other time now, just do what you love doing. 


And you know that you know, I guess, the problem that we have is that we feel guilty by doing the things that we love doing, and that prevents us from getting the flow. Stuff it do what you love doing. It would be going for round playing football. Go in the Jacuzzi having Avant garde Mike whatever it may be. Just do what I'm doing. 


And or for example, Saturday mornings and Mondays. I love Saturdays and Mondays 'cause I don't have meetings. I can do what I like and usually great ideas come from that and end up starting new businesses on those days. It's insane. And why is it got no pressure? I don't have to do anything. 


Wake up so I can do what the hell I like. 


And then what I do what I love doing, like for love doing business, you do that. So if you are, if you do have dreams or a passion, whatever it may be. 


Even if it's football, that could turn into a business, right? It could be any business. It doesn't have to be a tech startup, right? But whatever you love doing, you know what you love doing. It's stuff that you do on the weekend when you don't have to work. Yeah, so people who's asking like why? How do I know what I love doing? You know how you know all these questions? 


Think about what? 


You do when you don't have to do anything. 


And that's usually a weekend right? Yeah, so that's where I get into my flow and how I leave rigid. I guess right? And then you get brain burnt. You need a break for awhile right after the hour a day. 


But that's OK. You'll set you have. 


Mapped out the skeleton. 


Right, well, you've written a book or whatever it. 


May be so you've done your job. 




Yeah, that's so important that you know when you got the idea, you know you give your time you, you protect your time and then you have some like that. That incubation time where it just kind of like rattles around even if you're asleep. You know the next day you might have that problem solved. 


Yeah, but just like baking bread you put in your prepared altogether. Put in oven first to get the ingredients. That's my one page plan and you put that together in some sort of format. That's what you stick in the oven and then overnight leave it there. 


Right, that's the incubation period and sometimes it it. But it happens that the next day, so that was such a super idea. 


What does she plan? 


And you went on the wrong. 


Path and you wasted those hours or half the day, it doesn't matter. 


You'll come up with another one. 


At least you flushed. 


Out and the next time you do with another idea. 


You'll be even faster. You'll even be better at that, right? So it doesn't mean you have to stick to that ideal. That business plan. Just go out, do it, write it out, and then like you said, incubate sleep on it, whether it be a day or a week, it doesn't matter, right? But it'll it'll. 


It'll you know. 


You'll feel it eventually. 


Yeah, and like you just said that you know getting it down on paper is a great way of fleshing out those ideas, so if anything you. 


In the next day you realize, OK, that wasn't such a good idea, but you cleared that space in your mind so you don't need to keep dwelling on it, so. 


It's great. 


That point what I also do is always write my thoughts and ideas on my memo. In my iPhone. I don't know what's called notes. Everything. I've got thousands of notes, no matter what it is. It could be 3:00 AM in the morning. 


Anytime of the day, even if I'm running whatever. Maybe I have an idea immediately. I'll write it down because I will forget. Yeah, I I will forget. And when you go back and look over your memo said, oh wow. 


No, an old idea or some member that you you were you know meant to remember it will do so. That's another good habit to get into. Always write down. 


That's great, yeah. 


So you were training in table tennis for the Olympics at Waseda University. That's a very high flow activity, where you are you feeling it during that time. 


Are you bet you bet training every day? 


Well, in 10 minutes, that's like an orgasm. 


That's absolutely your turn in the flow. It's fast paced. 


And when you have a great game with a great player or man, that is so good. But I didn't get that here. I play against the chip champion here. Czech Republic is very good friend of mine. It's been 17 years Olympic champion. So when we played together. Wow, it's absolutely awesome and there's a few other guys we played at some similar level, right? So so good, yeah, but it was tough training in Japan. 


Now we sleep, but I love it. You know when you have a a goal. My goal is to make the Olympics you're there from early morning to late at night doing nothing else for training. Table tennis. Now return to work. Note I'm studying nothing. 


So yeah, that was the. 


That was the time. 


Yeah, but but so I'm wondering how does that feeling compared to you also set some longstanding athletic records in in racewalking? 


So what's when I was younger, kid? 




10 years old. 11 years old. 


And I was little athletics and actually smashed the record. It was long standing record and then I every week when I went back, beat it again. But so eventually by the end of that one year my record was just smashed completely out of the stratosphere and just stood there for so many years. So I was pretty proud of that. But again, here's a example of. 


A mistake I decided to quit. 


And why such a stupid reason? 2 reasons. One I didn't get support from anyone hold the only one going to seniors. So I was embarrassed. I wish I was 1112 year old kid and I didn't want to train on my own. And Secondly when people see it raining outside, you know you're wiggling abundance of face walking and you get third. You get teased. 


Right, so for those two reasons, I decided to quit, but my friend Simon Baker went on. 


He was older than me, he was, I think 4 years older than me and so he was in a different Category age wise so we couldn't have trained together much. He went on and became five times Olympic Champion in racewalking. So again I regret not going out to seniors. 


But he regrets not quitting and going into business, so yeah. 


Bit of both worlds. 


Right, if I didn't quit or you know racewalking, I wouldn't have gotten table tennis. 


I wouldn't achieve what I did there and therefore I wouldn't have done. You know, going into business and so on, I would have become, you know, one thing only. This way I've lived 9 lives rather than just one life. So look, there's always good and bad and everything, right? 


And in that example, I think you know part of the thing that maybe you've experienced more with entrepreneurship. 


Is that support network or some type of support group that you know it's you didn't get that early on and that's what stopped you, but with your you know business ideas and things like that now. 


Um, just the fact that you've gotten funding from other people means other people are supporting you. 


Yeah, yeah, definitely, and there's I doubt you have a network of. 


People around you. 


They should leverage that, but when you're young kid, the only people you have around your parents and maybe brothers and sisters, right, right? Maybe some friends as well, but you know it's limiting. 




I guess. 


If there was by chance one or two more people remember there was actually one guy who was thinking about going on with me, but he decided not to. So if he went on I would have gone as well. So all it takes is one person in their support network. 


And it could have changed my life. 


Now, so just look at that. 


His decision that kids decision will both 11 years old. 


Here for whatever reason, I don't know now. 


We decided to quit as well. 


So I decided to quit. 


And look what how it changed our lives, right? 


You don't know so. 


Sometimes small decisions or spur of the moment decisions can have major impact on your life and we will never know and that's fine. You March forward. 


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Thanks for hanging out with me today. Now go put some of this flowstate training to work and live your life to its fullest and I'll see you shortly on the next episode or inside the community at high flow 



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