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New Book Release! High Flow Lifestyle: A Business Owner’s Guide to Work-Life Synergy

blog flow state high flow lifestyle work life balance work life synergy Aug 03, 2021

I’m excited to let you know that the first book in the High Flow Lifestyle series is out now! High Flow Lifestyle: A Business Owner’s Guide to Work-Life Synergy is a short read to get you in the right mindset for flow in your everyday life that benefits your personal and professional relationships.

I would love it if you would leave a short review on Amazon as it helps the algorithms spread the word to the right people.  

So Who Should Read This Book? 

Even though this is a short, compact book, designed to even be read in one sitting, I don’t want to waste your time if it’s not a good fit for you. If you’re listening to this podcast then the High Flow Lifestyle series is probably a good fit for you. 

But I wrote this book for a few reasons: 

  1. To help business owners realize that work-life balance is a myth. Work-life synergy and harmony, on the other hand, are achievable through developing a high flow lifestyle.  
  1. To share with you how to access flow regularly. This promotes optimal experiences, enhances your creativity, productivity, problem-solving skills, skill acquisition, and intuition.  
  1. To show you that you are not alone. As a business owner who lacked clarity, I understand where you’ve been. After many years of researching and learning how to access flow and then coaching others in it, I developed High Flow Lifestyle online training courses. You can continue your training with me and other like-minded business owners. We need an intimate community that supports each other in gaining clarity and fostering flow for the long term. 

I wrote this book as a guide for business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, self-employed people and side-hustlers, and those who want to be. People who want to optimize their minds, bodies, and spirits to think differently, perform at their best, and lead a more interesting life while working toward Work-Life Synergy. 

In the process of juggling work and life, you may have felt like things were slipping and you weren’t really in control anymore. I’m here to help you achieve next-level success and well-being in both your personal and professional life. 

As business owners creating our paths in life, we have unique challenges and mindsets, and we need to develop our own system of work-life balance, which I like to refer to as Work-Life Synergy because the word balance is often misinterpreted.   

For us, business is personal! 

If these words resonate with you then I encourage you to grab a copy of it either from my website at or right on Amazon. There is a short window to grab a copy of the eBook for free now, so hop on over there and also please leave a review.  

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