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001: Reevaluating Your Ikigai (Life Purpose) and Career Directions w/ Jennifer Shinkai

podcast Oct 30, 2020



On this episode of the High Flow Lifestyle podcast, I talk with Jennifer Shinkai about Ikigai, or your life purpose, and how she’s re-evaluated her Ikigai and incorporated that into her Entrepreneurial and coaching career.  

Originally from the UK, Jennifer holds an MA (Oxon) in English Language and Literature from St. Hugh’s College, Oxford University. 

With an interactive facilitation and coaching approach, she focuses on integrating ikigai (life purpose) into daily work, inclusion in a diverse workplace, resilient leadership development in times of change. As a Points of You® Expert, participants can experience “unexpected but precise” moments of insight and action. 



00:00:00 Josh 

Originally from the UK, Jennifer holds an MA in English language and literature from Saint Hugh's College, Oxford University with an interactive facilitation and coaching approach. She focuses on integrating ikigai or life purpose into daily work, inclusion in a diverse. 

00:00:20 Josh 

Workplace resilient leadership development in times of change. As a points of view, expert participants can experience unexpected but precise moments of insight and action. 

00:00:33 Josh 

An essential element for accessing flow on a regular basis is understanding your purpose or passion. In Japan, they have a concept for this called Ikigai, sometimes referred to as your reason for living or your reason for getting out of bed in the morning. Ascentia Lee. It's your why? 

00:00:55 Josh 

There is a Western Venn diagram that tries to simplify ikigai by having you list your passions, skills, etc. But Ikigai is much deeper than that. It is not only about your work and career goals. Ikigai also isn't only about staying on your one true path. 

00:01:15 Josh 

Yes, you can re evaluate your path along the way and you don't necessarily have to scrap your job and become a freelancer or entrepreneur. But my guest today did re evaluate her situation and became a successful entrepreneur and coach in Tokyo. Welcome to the show, Jennifer. 

00:01:37 Josh 

Hey, what is your business and what are your revenue streams? 

00:01:42 Jennifer 

So I work as a facilitator at an executive coach. My main clients are B to B Organisations, so usually a ghost case or foreign capital companies and a couple of global Japanese companies as well. 

00:01:57 Jennifer 

An I work with teams within those organisations as well as individuals talking about Ikigai. So life purpose an organizational purpose or mission vision values, team building as well as inclusion. You know from a team building perspective, I do executive coaching for individuals within organisations. 

00:02:19 Jennifer 

And then I also do some private coaching as well, often with entrepreneurs who are looking for someone who's a couple of years sort of ahead. You know who's been through all those kind of startup things and looking at how to kind of build that build their business is another so. So B to BB to C and then I also work with some training partners as well. 

00:02:42 Jennifer 

Delivering other people's training to organisations. So three main revenue streams. Kind of writing a book which I don't think will be a revenue stream. 

00:02:52 Jennifer 

Well, I've heard of other people have written books so. 

00:02:56 Josh 

Just earlier I interviewed a woman who helps people write books, and she was saying that on average, about 200 books is is sort of the the range for for sales so. 

00:03:11 Jennifer 

And those old Teen Mom. 

00:03:14 Josh 

Well, I was I was gonna ask you about the book because well, recently I've seen a few ikigai titles come up. They seem a little bit on the Japanese aesthetic side or a little fluffy. 

00:03:30 Josh 

To be Frank, so I wonder, I think how I guess. How does ikigai fit into your world as a business consultant? 

00:03:41 Jennifer 

It's a really great question and that was my feeling around. You know, the the the need in the market for a book as well. I think Y guys. 

00:03:51 Jennifer 

Very powerful concept. Whether we look at it from the way it's being seen, I'll say in the West, you know with the The Venn Diagram of what do you love? What are you good at? What can be paid for, what the world needs or as it's actually used in Japan as just. 

00:04:06 Jennifer 

Simply enjoying day-to-day having Life which is meaningful. I'm getting joy taking a pause. All of these different things so. But what I found is that that's all very well and good. Having the aesthetic piece or having the Venn diagram. But what what do I do every day in my job? You know, I'm working for a company. 

00:04:27 Jennifer 

I'm not living in Okinawa, I'm not 75. 

00:04:32 Jennifer 

You know, I'm I'm a middle aged person salaryman living, living in Tokyo with kids and a mortgage and all of these things. You know, there's a. 

00:04:42 Jennifer 

How can I integrate that into my daily life and so for me it's about you. Know mindful decisions and intentions and also the mindset around what you are capable of negotiating in the workplace and finding. 

00:05:00 Jennifer 

Small instances, so whether it's about those you know, making your morning routine a little bit, you know more joyful or more in the moment, or whether it's about going. Do you know what the relationship I have with this person in the office needs work because they're an important stakeholder? So how am I going to do that? So my my plan for the book is that you know it has some of the fluffy and the. 

00:05:23 Jennifer 

The gorgeous philosophy of it as well. But then there's also a lot of coaching exercises around those kind of tasks, sort of job crafting around the job, crafting elements as well. So yeah, once you have a little bit of an idea of where your ikigai direction is and what steps can you take to sort of test that out? 

00:05:43 Josh 

Right, Well you make sure you keep us up to date with that. That sounds like A. 

00:05:49 Josh 

Great great book thank you. 

00:05:51 Josh 

Can't wait to get into that. 

00:05:53 Josh 

And it seems like you you've had a lot of experience working in various companies and Organisations. Was it difficult to make the leap into your own entrepreneurial venture? 

00:06:06 Jennifer 

It was interesting actually, and this is something that I have written about in the book is talking about. You know, you know when you know for some people like this other people it doesn't work for me. Once I had cat this insight of what my ikigai was and how I knew I wanted to be a practitioner. 

00:06:26 Jennifer 

In the room with people while they're having learning experiences and and supporting that. And I realize that that didn't exist in house, you know that type of practitioner job at the level that I was, and you know mid level manager. 

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