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Refreshing Music Called ‘Flow State: Healing With Nature’ Released by Above & Beyond

Episode #56

I’m your host and flow state coach Dr. Josh Smith and welcome to the High Flow Lifestyle show, where I take a unique approach to personal growth for entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners. These quick little shots will help you consistently lead a high flow lifestyle and live life to the fullest.  

I am a huge proponent of music and nature as triggers for accessing flow, that’s why this new release sort of hits home.  

 If you aren’t familiar with Above and Beyond they are a British progressive trance and electronica group. I love a wide variety of music from hip-hop to traditional Japanese music, but I’ve come to find that when I’m getting into my early morning writing sessions I rely on more instrumental trap and electronica to get that continuous beat going in the background.  

Although Above and Beyond titled it ‘Flow State,’ they’ve created this album with a slightly different intent...

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