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Tips for Increasing Your Risk-Taking Comfort Level

Episode #53

I’m your host and flow state coach Dr. Josh Smith and welcome to the High Flow Lifestyle show, where I take a unique approach to personal growth for entrepreneurs and self-employed business owners. These quick little shots will help you consistently lead a high flow lifestyle and live life to the fullest.

Embracing risk is an important part to developing your creative flow. Being comfortable with the unknown is an important skill and mindset we need to develop as entrepreneurs living a high flow lifestyle.  

Risk stretches our creativity because it pushes us to think outside the box more in order to make the risk count. There are real stakes at hand, but there are also real rewards.  

Risks also lead to growth, and if we aren’t growing, we are dying. As we grow, we learn to evaluate situations differently because each time we are building a larger body of experience to draw upon. .. 
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