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061: Can we have more than one Ikigai?

On this episode I talk with Ikigai facilitator and coach Jennifer Shinkai about having multiple ikigai, and the different types of ikigai. Today I’m talking again with Jennifer Shinkai, an Ikigai facilitator and coach. Originally from the UK, Jennifer has been living and working in Japan for over 20 years. As a facilitator and coach for global corporate clients, she focuses on building inclusion and discovering ikigai in the workplace. As well as running her own business, she's a mother of two kids, a runner, a podcaster, the founder of a thriving online community for entrepreneurs and a lover of the creative arts: theatre, literature and art. A lot of Ikigai is connected to flow. Ikigai is the reason to live. Iki = life, and Gai = the reason for something or something that makes it worth it. Hasegawa sensei in Tokyo focuses his Ikigai research on being in the here and now, very close to flow. He says that there are 2 types of Ikigai: The feeling of ikigai An external or internal object of ikigai, something that can be the catalyst of ikigai This definition is all inclusive of the whole process around something. In my case, Ikigai can be the feeling of Ikigai I get when I am in the heat of the moment of doing a podcast. The catalyst is also all of the research and prep that I do before doing aa podcast. This continues afterwards into the editing and marketing of the podcast as well. The whole process. This all contributes to the feeling of being alive, iki, iki. Your Ikigai shifts as well. It changes with different ages and stages. As you learn and gather new information this all affects and changes your purpose along the way. This is one of the reasons it makes for a beautiful guide to life. Dr. Ken Mogi also says that he has 100’s of Ikigai moments throughout the day. Highlighting the fact that it’s not your Life’s Purpose in the sense that there is only one, but many things throughout the day. It doesn’t need to be about a big grandiose life’s purpose, it can be and that’s great if it is, but it can be just a very small moment within the day as well.