Tools for Optimal Human Performance. 

Here are some tools and resources for all you flow fanatics! These are some of the services we use and recommend. We hope some of these resources can help you both reclaim some of your time and achieve more. 

We are proud users and affiliates for some of the tools below. Some are affiliate links, which means if you click on them and choose to make a purchase we may earn a small commission. But don’t worry, you pay nothing extra and there is no additional cost to you. In many cases we have found great value in these online services and tools, but please do not spend your money on anything you don’t feel will help you develop your particular High Flow Lifestyle. 

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I am so happy I found the High Flow Lifestyle podcast and community. There is a lot of both confusing science behind flow as well as too much fluffy stuff. I love the way Josh takes the middle road and makes it fun, interesting and practical.


Josh Smith, PhD. is a peak performance and flow state coach, entrepreneur, researcher, creative, and husband and father.His goal is for you to reach your optimum human performance and lead a happier and healthier life...

The Keys to Leading a High Flow Lifestyle 

The importance of having flow in your life is that it’s really a secret to happiness. When you are in flow you naturally want to be in that state again...

Discovering Yourself and Finding Flow in Nature 

Nature provides the perfect rich environment for stimulating flow and discovering yourself. It's also an environment that promotes creativity and recovery...

The Complete Guide to Books on Flow

Here is my list of recommended books on the flow state. All of these have an element of science-backed research from positive psychology, neuroscience etc. 

BLUblox - Fashionable & Science Backed Blue Light Glasses

They are constantly innovating to bring you the best light management products available. From optimal Red Light Therapy, Circadian Friendly Light Bulbs and 100% Black Out Sleep Masks, they have you covered.

Who loves sleep? We sure do
We would be safe in saying anything you love you want more of, right?
Well, they can help you with that. Or at least their Sleep+ glasses can.
By blocking all the blue and green light responsible for disrupting your body clock and leading to poor sleep, their signature red lenses can help with melatonin secretion to allow for better sleep all round.

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